An Introduction to VoIP PBX Solutions


If you want an amazing phone system for your business then Asterisk phone systems should be at the top of the list, don’t forget to add in the VoIP PBX solutions. Unlike classic PBX systems, this one eliminates a huge percentage from the overall costs during set ups. Small businesses with small budgets don’t have the luxury of paying for the costs of PBX system set ups so they choose not to get one, but Asterisk can make that possible with their low costs; small businesses who want to implement PBX systems won’t be forced to spend money they can’t really afford.

What Exactly is Asterisk?

Individuals and businesses can easily access PBX software with the help of Asterisk. Don’t worry about the kind of computer you own since the said PBX software runs on any software just fine. In order to set up the Polycom Phones system, you need to acquire the necessary hardware which is also offered by the same company that developed Asterisk. When you compare Asterisk to any other PBX system out there, you’d notice that Asterisk has way more features at an incredibly lower price.

Why get Asterisk in Your Office

Aside from the obvious benefit that Asterisk costs way less than any other traditional PBX system, it has a ton of other benefits you might want to look into. Asterisk use a kind of broadband connection that associates your telephone network with the traditional telephone network. Don’t worry about the way calls are received and made since it’s just the same as the traditional PBX system. Another amazing feature is that you can contact employees from anywhere in the world since it uses your internet connection instead of the phone line.

We’re sure that the huge businesses that have branches or connections in different areas or countries have difficulty staying in one network, but Asterisk can actually allow all of them to connect in a single network. This is a huge cost saver since large companies usually pay a ton of money when hosting conference calls over multiple countries or states. Employees that need to constantly travel everywhere can stay connected with the office just as long as they are connected to a stable internet connection. Every extension actually has their own voicemail box, all that is made possible by the Fanvil IP Phone system. The best part about the voicemail boxes is that it’s connected to the email accounts of the employees, this is so that they can never miss important emails again.

The company that developed the Asterisk system is more than willing to help with any problems that you might encounter with your Asterisk system. When you do contact them, friendly professional will hear your concern and help you fix any problems with the system in order to get it up and running again.


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